Additional Services

At Reidsville Veterinary Hospital, our staff offers you and your pet not only exceptional basic veterinary care but also many outstanding services not available at other practices.


To enable us to quickly get results on critical cases we have a full service laboratory available. With capabilities for endocrinology, progesterone and phenobarbital-level testing, our lab can also run tests for intestinal parasites, heartworms, Parvo, antifreeze poisoning, urinalysis, blood chemistries, blood typing, and blood cell counts and much more. Tests are also sent out to veterinary specialty labs.


Reidsville Veterinary Hospital offers its patients the latest in CR Computerize Radiography. Radiographs are sent to a computer monitor where they can be contrasted, lightened, darkened, cropped, or zoomed in or out. All of this enables our veterinarians to more accurately diagnose problems. We can also burn the images to a CD or email to specialist or certification registries.


The ability to perform ultrasounds on our patients is essential to our diagnostic arsenal. Doctors are able to see tumors and other internal problems. We are also able to monitor pregnancies.


The doctors and technicians at Reidsville Veterinary Hospital perform many dental cleanings and procedures daily. Good oral health is essential for the long healthy life of your pet. We also have digital dental radiology which enables us to examine the mouth for bone loss, cracks and cavities unseen with the naked eye.


Our doctors sometimes need to take a closer look to find out where the problem might might lie with an animal. Endoscopy is a diagnostic test that is used in conjunction with laboratory analysis, radiography, and ultrasonagraphy to assist in making a definitive diagnosis and formulating a therapeutic plan for a patient. General anesthesia is required to perform endoscopic procedures. Using an endoscope, they can examine the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine, upper and lower respiratory tract, and other organs of the body in a non-invasive manner.

Surgical Suite

Just as in a human operating room, our patients are constantly monitored by a pet nurse and electronic devices that measure pulse rate and Oxygen levels in the blood. These machines alarm if levels drop alerting the doctor to adjust anesthesia. Doctors and staff are scrubbed and use sterile techniques to maintain a germ free environment in the surgical field. Note the masks, gowns, gloves, caps and surgical drape.

Wellness and Vaccinations

The doctors of Reidsville Veterinary Hospital agree with the standards set by the American Veterinary Medical Association and the AAHA for twice yearly physical examinations. Pets age at a far greater rate than humans and a complete physical, age and risk associated timely vaccinations and annual screening blood tests can greatly extend the lifespan of your animal friends.


Unlike human medical doctors, veterinarians can dispense drugs. We maintain a well stocked pharmacy so your pet will quickly be on the road to recovery.


Our boarding kennel is staffed 24 hours a day with experienced animal lovers who closely monitor all our “guests” for eating, drinking and elimination. We can house approximately 28 animals. Cats are housed in their own separate room. Playtime is available and takes place in our fenced play yard. We have balls and other toys and in the summer fill a child sized swimming pool for additional fun. Our canine guests love the pool! Please call ahead for reservations to assure your furry family has a vacation destination too.


We have professional grooming services available to make sure your pets stay healthy and always look their best.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Wow! Thanks to all the staff at Anderson Vet Clinic. I feel like you all truly love what you do! My kitty, Lola and I always have such a pleasant experience when we come in. Fortunately, it’s usually just for a check-up, but I would not leave Lola in anyone else’s hands but yours. Thank you for your caring commitment!"
    Maya Smith / Los Angeles, CA
  • "I have benefited tremendously from the care my pet received from Dr. Anderson."
    John Doe / San Diego, CA